frequently asked questions


How frequently do you publish?

Third Iris’ publishing schedule can vary, but we typically release 2 issues per year.

Are there any submission fees?


Can I submit to multiple categories?

Yes, please feel free to submit to as many categories as you’d like, provided you follow our guidelines on the number of pieces per category.

When will I hear back from you if I submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email that we received your piece within a few days of your submission email. After the deadline, we typically will reach out about our decision within 3-4 weeks. If we only accepted some of your submissions, we will specify which pieces were accepted into the zine.

Do you accept pieces that have already been published?

Yes, we will consider pieces that have been previously published, provided there won’t be any conflicts with the other publication.

Can I submit a piece if I have already submitted it elsewhere (can I make a simultaneous submission)?

Yes, feel free! If the other publication does accept your work before we get back to you, you have two options: 1. you can email us to withdraw your submission or 2. you can ask the other publication if it’s okay for another zine to publish your work. If there is no conflict, we’d be happy to still publish it if we accept it.

If my piece is accepted, can I publish it elsewhere?

Yes, all contributors retain the rights to their work.

Do contributors receive a free physical copy?

At this time, we are unable to provide a free physical copy to every contributor. However, we do provide contributors with a free digital version of the issue they’re in.